Why Choose Beyond Numbers?

Beyond Numbers was launched in 2010 by Tim Brooker from our base in South Bucks. We’re a down-to-earth, supportive team with a passion for helping business owners at a deeper level than just accounting. We’ve designed our services so our clients understand exactly where their business stands now and how to get to where they want to go.

What Makes Us Different?

Have a quick chat with Tim and you’ll soon realise he has a real desire to help people. We make it our mission to bring this attitude to every part of our work, every single day. As a result, we’ve helped many business owners break down the confusing, stressful and isolating barriers that accounting and tax can sometimes create. We know that accounting and tax can be difficult, uncomfortable topics for many people, but we’re here to make it easy.

Further Thoughts on Who are Beyond Numbers?

We recognise that numbers are crucial to your understanding and help you track your business. However, we believe we are doing you a dis-service by just supplying numbers. Success is driven not just by interpreting the trends in your business but applying what you’ve learned.

This is how Beyond Numbers helps and we work closely with Xero cloud accounting in identifying what is really happening in your business on the go. We support you by helping you set simple goals, identifying the key drivers of your business and help you track them consistently. Ultimately, our aim is to lay out the action steps to help you grow.

Building a relationship is key with a regular dialogue so we can help you anticipate threats to your business and exploit opportunities that come your way.

How We Help

Save Time and Money with Beyond Numbers

We know you’re busy which is why we try our best to save you time. We pride ourselves on efficiency whether its within our practice in meeting deadlines on Accounts, Payroll and Tax or applying technological solutions to our clients so they are more efficient in their operations.

We communicate openly and honestly, striving to improve understanding at every opportunity. We are always on the lookout to save clients’ money on their tax bill.

We also saw the benefit of cloud accounting software and are Xero Certified Advisors. We’re excited to move our clients on to this secure, streamlined platform that will help their business. Cloud accounting means you’ll be able to access your data on the go and we’ll be able to support and guide you more easily as you make smart business decisions.

For our larger more complex clients, we believe in regular management accounts so our clients can take a step back, analyse their performance objectively and decide what needs to be addressed.

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