Fewer accidents = less financial strain

Work, AccidentNew Zealanders are among the best in the world at looking after their livestock and crops, but are we missing something when it comes to looking after our people?

In 2020, there were more than 22,700 farm-related ACC injury claims, which came at a recovery cost of $84 million.  That’s over 60 farmers injured every day, not to mention the ripple effect on their families and communities.

In fatal farm accidents, there’s almost always a farm vehicle involved, so it’s important to remember the simple measures you can take to avoid unnecessary injury and financial strain.

  • Use the right farm vehicle for the job.  It may not be the same one you used yesterday if the conditions have changed.
  • Take a moment to consider the terrain, the job it’s needed for, the load you’ll be transporting, and whether the weather calls for a change of plan.
  • Make sure both the vehicle and the driver are up to the job.
  • If a seatbelt is fitted, use it.  Wear a helmet when required and watch where you are going.  It might sound silly but when you’re busy, tired, or stressed, it’s easy to become distracted.