Understand Your Numbers

To give your business the best possible chance of being successful we believe that management information is essential. This means good systems, clear alignment of responsibilities and accurate reporting.

Management reports will be produced every quarter as we encourage our clients to conform to a regular reporting cycle. This way your management team can stand back and assess if they are on the right path.

Beyond Numbers analysis will focus on your P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow to give you a thorough understanding of what trends are developing. We will look to use the most suitable accounting codes and segment your business if worthwhile.

Once you understand your numbers, we sit down with our clients to build an annual plan. This process will enable you to measure your performance, so you know which part of your business you need to attend to or invest in.

Grow Your Numbers

For your business to scale to a new level, it is important to get a reality check. We dive deep into your business with you to help you identify ways you can improve. Building the right foundations is key to tackling the inevitable bumps that will crop up on your journey. Working with an experienced business partner like Beyond Numbers gives you access to a wealth of expertise. Tim and the team have experience across multiple disciplines and can help make your journey more productive.
Areas that we specialise in are:

  • Annual review where you set and review your business and personal goals, and get clarity around the actions you need to take to achieve those goals.
  • Business Planning where we get to the heart of your business by understanding your vision and core values, and creating an authentic one-page business plan with implementation steps to address immediate and critical issues.
  • Financial Awareness where you and your team build up a sound understanding of the financial implications of management decisions
  • Cashflow Management where we prepare a Cashflow Forecast and review your processes and identify any potential causes of poor cashflow so that we can treat the underlying issues.
  • KPI improvement where we develop the tools for you to understand your business at a deeper level to increase profits and free up cashflow. This will include your key financial and non-financial drivers that determine the success of your business
  • Business Growth Strategies where we’ll help you identify ways to maximise business efficiency, improve profit and cashflow, and gain clarity on how to better lead and manage your business

Are you feeling stressed?

Is running your business starting to take a toll? We see so many business owners come to us feeling stressed, isolated and confused by the difficult task that is running a business. Working long hours, trying to manage staff and deal with customers…it can add up to a frustrating experience! We understand and we’re here to help.

When Tim Brooker created Beyond Numbers in 2010, his goal was to help small businesses think like big companies. In larger companies, finance plays an integral role in the decision making process. We put a priority on the financial disciplines, focusing on cash management, management accounts and annual plans.

We strive to put more stability into your business, improving your cashflow and saving you time along the way. With Beyond Numbers, you get the ability to stay in control of the boat, rather than feeling like you’re treading water, trying to stay afloat.

Grow a successful business

We’ve also been Xero partners since 2010, supporting our clients remotely with the most innovative and user-friendly accounting software in the market. Since then, our quest has continued. We’re on a mission to help our business clients embrace modern technology and provide them with up-to-date business information that helps them grow.

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